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Tuesday, 15 December 2009



Settling into winter

Begging the stars to stay

A little brighter

To hold the light of summer

A little longer

To tempt the way

Inside the fire

But its turning

I can feel the pull

Each mellow day

A little shorter

The cloud a little lower

The cobs a little riper

And the spiders taller

And all around the

Edges frayed like

Parchment paper

Brittle, beautiful

And tender, curling

Itself into winter

Louise x

Monday, 14 December 2009


My favorite place in winter........
Something new to wear........Hooray!

I'm so pleased I have finished my latest knitting project. A cashmerino jumper for myself!...(double knitting and cable) It is so long since I knitted anything for myself, as I'm usually caught up in projects for selling on. So now I can wear this and stay warm, I took the pattern from a favorite hand-me-down which I loved, I have the lucky ability to be able to copy knitted garments but the unlucky fate of not being able to read a pattern, not sure which way round that should be. I blame my dyslexia although I believe it is also my greatest gift, being an optimist most of the time, anyway anything that feeds creativity must be a gift as far as I am concerned. I am now planning the next project and want to do a cardigan, I'm going away for Christmas and it will be a perfect opportunity to take some more knitting with me. I might not be able to blog as much, but I'm sure I will have plenty of tales to tell when I get back. Happy Christmas!!!

Louise x

Monday, 7 December 2009

Well it's really blowing a hooly outside today, driving rain that cuts like a knife. I could even find it depressing if it wasn't for the fact I don't have to garden today, thank God! I can be creating inside by the fire, actually I love winter the time to retreat in, having gathered all that abundance in Autumn, there is a satisfaction in somehow having earned my time to be in the house doing housey things ( being a gardener I spend so much time outside) I love the contrast.
This is my front garden in summer just to remind me what it can be like.
Louise x

Friday, 4 December 2009

The walled garden in july.

Today seemed extremely cold to me. I was up on Dartmoor working in the beautiful garden I tend once a week, and my hands nearly froze. My hands being precious and pretty important to my creativity I felt very protective towards them and was close to retreating into the nearest warm room to thaw them out, unfortunately gardening doesn't get done in a warm space in winter, I wish.

Winter has really set in here in Devon: sleet, snow and ice have all passed this way. Making the prospect of the log fire all the more inviting, I look forward to the red glow in the evenings and getting out my latest knitting, sewing or embroidery project. I am currently painting some vintage frames for our web shop, which means newspaper on the kitchen table and paint and brushes every where, my children are very tolerant of my working chaos especially at meal times. It is definitely my hope that they will take my example and feel able to freely follow their own creative expression. Both my parents were good at that, I feel blessed.


Monday, 30 November 2009

My own jewellery hangs in the bedroom ready to wear, and looks beautiful.

My working place

My jewellery working desk is a very colourful place, as it is colour that inspires me, as well as the gemstones themselves which have amazing properties. When you learn what the qualities are it is no wonder we began wearing jewellery in the first place.
For instance "Amethyst brings peace, calm and contentment. Protects against negative vibrations, increases awareness and raises the spirit."
Sounds good to me, I find people are naturally attracted to the gem stones best for them at the time. As we move through our lives and are going through different experiences we need different gemstones to aid us. I like to think that the mineral world has its own way of helping us.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Welcome to our new blog, we hope you will be joining us for many Vintage inspired tales from here on! We have just returned from the Christmas Country Living Fair, as usual it was a well attended event with packed aisles however we were fortunate enough to be down in the front arena where space was a-plenty. Takings were up this year which has been fantastic as we worried about how the recession might affect us.

It was really fantastic to meet some of our customers in person and we would like to thank you kindly for your purchases and continued support which always inspire us to continue on our making and collecting endeavours.

The weather here in Devon as late November creeps upon us, sees skies full of heavy clouds and rain, but the fire is alight with fire-wood carefully stored away from the damp. The chickens aren't laying at the moment, and can be found huddling in little clusters in the garden trying to hide from the rain.

Currently, my home is featured, along with each of our home-made wares in Your Home magazine, this has been exciting as it is a chance for people to see how I work at home. We hope for more of this in the future, so watch this space.