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Friday, 4 December 2009

The walled garden in july.

Today seemed extremely cold to me. I was up on Dartmoor working in the beautiful garden I tend once a week, and my hands nearly froze. My hands being precious and pretty important to my creativity I felt very protective towards them and was close to retreating into the nearest warm room to thaw them out, unfortunately gardening doesn't get done in a warm space in winter, I wish.

Winter has really set in here in Devon: sleet, snow and ice have all passed this way. Making the prospect of the log fire all the more inviting, I look forward to the red glow in the evenings and getting out my latest knitting, sewing or embroidery project. I am currently painting some vintage frames for our web shop, which means newspaper on the kitchen table and paint and brushes every where, my children are very tolerant of my working chaos especially at meal times. It is definitely my hope that they will take my example and feel able to freely follow their own creative expression. Both my parents were good at that, I feel blessed.


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