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Thursday, 1 September 2011


This work in progress is looking as if it is taking me a very long time, well the truth is I have not been working on this chair as long as it looks, I have done quite a few other projects over the last few months, cupboards and shelves and other chairs.
But here is an update of progress so far, I have stripped down this chair and painted it my favourite colour. I have distressed it with very course sand-paper and cut the shape of the seat in ply wood with a jig saw. I then covered the wood in thick wadding and pinned it down.
Then I went away to Swanage in Dorset (so it is still not finished) but while I was there I found a lovely vintage shop called "SMITHES" that apparently was a drapers some years ago and now it has been turned into quite an emporium of French vintage goodies, I enjoyed finding a lovely enamel bucket and jug for my collection. I will remember the holiday for those and not the steaming hot weather we didn't have.
Hoping to be back soon.

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