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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Any-one who has not experienced apple blossom first hand is really missing one of Gods many gifts, I have a small apple tree in my garden and it is now covered in beautiful pink clusters of blossom, the forget-me-nots are also out underneath and I peer out of my window each morning and thank God for the beauty of spring.

Even though it is still so cold the spring flowers are here in abundance, the bluebells have begun to appear with campions and stitchwort and many hedge rows are a mass of colour. When I leave the house in the morning a cloud of heady lilac scent catches in the air and sends me off for the day feeling light hearted and glad.

When I return in the late afternoon I sit on the door step in the evening sun with a cup of tea and drink in the perfume of spring. Here is a poem I wrote one May.
She stepped into my garden
wet in her lush green mantle
Glistening dew dipped dancer
The morning light in her cheeks
Nut-brown bare stripped branches
Rise to her wakening whisper
Silence broken only by the cuckoo's call
Disguised in blossom and bluebell dusted
pink budded and beautiful breasted
For she will quicken earth spent muses
And bring away the frozen child
And the windfall day all warm and breathless
Gathered up and neatly nested
Garlands of grace from her extended
She lays the green fern feathered way
That heaven falls on earth.
Louise x

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  1. The one thing I miss now I live in the tropics is all the springy blossoms and bulbs.