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Sunday, 17 October 2010


Apples are falling, it is the abundant time of year when the apples fall, and there is so much fruit I can't keep up with all the cooking, there are still butterflies around as well, I was walking on the cliffs yesterday and caught sight of a red admiral on the blackberries, they always remind me of my childhood, my father is a naturalist and taught us all the names of the butterflies and birds as children.

It also feels like a very creative time of year and I have been painting and drawing this comes in waves and feels a bit like surfing there is a feeling of having to ride the waves when they come and making the most of them. I wonder why creativity is such an illusive thing, just when you think you have hold of it, the waves calm and the mist falls and there is a quietness uncannily like inertia , a tide ebbing and all goes quiet. I do not look forward to winter and have been lapping up this balmy autumn weather, long may it last.

Louise x

1 comment:

  1. ah, sounds lovely and very poetic your life. Mine on the other-hand seems so intense and I wish it wasn't like this sometimes. Often a sense of time running out and ebbing away - not sure where that comes from!

    It's been grey here, no butterflies, cliffs or balmy autumn time - very city-like.

    DO pop over and check out my latest post if you get this comment and have a chance :)