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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Discovery journal

A discovery journal, I'm sitting in a warm cafe enjoying the background chatter of happy people, drinking tea and mulling over the idea of my discovery journal, I have been reading my book "simple abundance" again, a years worth of a journey into self discovery, fantastic.
Why is it today I am discovering how hard it is to write this blog some days nothing seems to come easily I'm struggling, or was it mulling? I must have written this so many times now it will have to stay as it is. That's all for today.
Louise x


  1. Blocks aren't great are they. I'd say you're doing a great job blogging. I've had times when I question why am I doing this, what's the point of it and does anyone read it anyway? I've answered them all in the end and carried on as I really enjoy doing it as another creative outlet and place where I put everything that I consider creative about my life. Probably have different feelings again tomorrow - who knows - I'm fickle. Most blogs you read have the same questions at different times.

    Have you found mousenotebook yet? Great blog for musings and reflections on the art of being creative.

    Lisa x

  2. Thank you Lisa for your encouragement, it's good to be reminded that we all feel like that some times, and sharing it definitely helps.
    I will check out mousenotebook.

    Louise x