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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

White Christmas

Well I have returned from a white Christmas in the French Alps to a white new year in Devon, snow, snow, everywhere how beautiful, if not treacherous, it has been, lots of skiing, tobogganing and eating, I even ate my first snail, which seemed to taste very much like garlic and butter to me, not at all slimy as I'd feared, plenty of wine to wash it down and yes I can actually say it was delicious.

All was going well until I injured my left knee and had to spend the next three days confined to bed. That's when my knitting came into its own and the scarf I was making for my son suddenly doubled in length. Thank goodness for knitting it stopped me going mad.

I am now concentrating on creating new year wishes rather than resolutions, wishes are so much more positive than resolutions, which always seem to mean giving up something. It feels very good to think ahead and put some thought into what I want to create in my life, rather than seeing what happens, this is with great thanks to my sister. Wishing everyone a very creative and inspiring new year.
Louise x

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