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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year Wishes

I have had so much time to wish and create this last week, I am hibernating in my cosy little house beside the fire nursing a sprained knee, that I got because I seem to think I'm still a big kid and went sledging in the snow...I have to say it was great fun and so beautiful, my kids love it. I'm paying for all that fun now as I can't work, not that I could get a fork into the frozen ground anyway, so I'm forced to believe and dream all I can. It is amazing how an injury can cause so many emotions to come up, not all positive, I have had days of deep despair when its hard to believe I will heal, feeling useless and stuck, and realising how much I take my physical health for granted, being such an active person usually it is a stark contrast for me to be still for so long, I have to force myself to move my knee and push through the pain threshold ouch.

The 6ft" scarf I'm knitting just gets longer and longer, not quite finished yet, but close, I will be happy when it's done then I can begin my next project. One of my wishes for 2010 is to give myself a new front door, the one I inherited with the house is really on it's last legs, it really is very tired with many young children slamming and banging kicking and generally abusing it. So I look forward to showing it off when it's there.

Enjoy the snow Louise x

1 comment:

  1. my goodness you seem to be knitting a 6 foot and growing scarf - you must be really housebound!

    Well, I love sledging too and found myself up at the common having more fun than G . .

    Glad to know you are feeling better, and you 'Dreamsetting Kit' has been posted out to you today. enjoy!

    Do pop over.