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Monday, 26 April 2010


The "Vintage and Hand-Made" fair is almost upon us (May 1st) and I am busy making up new bracelets and earrings in lovely spring and summer colours. Today it is so beautiful I just can't keep myself inside, so I'm sitting outside in my lovely spring garden stitching boiled wool hearts, ready to fill with french lavender.

I have to keep myself from gardening, there is such a strong impulse to pull up the dandelions as I pass them to the house, but they are saved by the hearts, until next week anyway.

I am looking forward to meeting new blogging friends on Saturday and seeing the beautiful hand made stuff that has been made by everyone.

I know my sister Amanda has been locked in her garden studio the last 2 weeks making up a multitude of her floral bags ready for Saturday too, everything from purses to huge holiday bags.

Must get on with the stitching.

Louise x

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  1. I really hope it went well. I am looking forward to hearing about it.