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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sweet Peas

Here I am on a wednesday morning admiring the growth of my sweet peas, they really have grown into plants ready for going out into the garden, as it is now April I can't believe how time has gone, there are primroses abundance in the garden now and grape hyacinths, and the tulips have just come out this week end, colour beginning to come back into life.

Next they will have to be hardened off, which means acclimatising them to out side temperatures during the day, so today they will have their first peek out side, and bask in this beautiful weather we've been enjoying

Then as soon as I get a chance I will be digging in the dirt and planting my sweet pea filled toilet rolls in the ground, so easy to do, I won't have to disturb the roots and that will give them the best chance, as long as we don't get a very late frost, which of course is always possible, gardeners nightmare.

At Easter I went to visit my daughter in Wales, she lives near Carmarthen where they have a great car boot sale on at the week end, I must say I found some lovely new bits and pieces of china and things for the web-site, as well as enjoying seeing my Grandchildren with mountains of chocolate eggs.


  1. You're sweet peas are really coming along now - LOVE sweet peas. My mother grows HEAPS of them. The blue flower jug is divine!

  2. hi there,

    thanks for letting me know what to do with sweet peas. I have no idea. Finally after weeks they have peeked their heads up from our recyled magazine holders, and I will put them out in the day now!

    Love the items you found, can't wait for the fairs!