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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Return to the Country

Hooray! I'm back to the mud and rain from the concrete jungle, damp air, forsythia blossom and muddy cat paw prints all over the clean washing. I did enjoy my city living for the week, but I am very happy to be home. The spring is in its happy creation all over the garden and I am in mine.

It was very nice to meet some blogging Friends and to put some faces to the inquiries I receive, we put on a good show and had many appreciative comments about the look of the stand, so thank you all our customers for supporting our venture. The china seemed to fly of the shelves and earrings were very popular too. Amanda's bags went down well and Amelia's glass cupboard much commented on, in fact we could have sold it 20 times over if we had a supply.

I feel the spring fair is generally much more of a creative fair than the Christmas one, where there is endless Christmas decorations made in China.

Janet Bolton had her stand with her awe inspiring hand stitched pictures, if you haven't seen her work I thoroughly recommend it.

Sadly this will probably be our last stand at Country Living Islington, costs have risen so much it is becoming unviable financially, however we will be doing small one day fairs across the country so stay in touch and news of where and when will be posted.

Louise x

1 comment:

  1. How funny, my post today was about cat's muddy paw prints in the house!

    You must have had a very busy time at the fair. A friend of mine Merrywood soaps had a stall there for several years but recentlyu stopped attended the CLF. As you say there are many other good fairs throughout the country.

    I look forward to seeing your stall at Chipping Sodbury.

    Have a lovely Easter
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x