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Sunday, 21 March 2010


Well Country living week has arrived, ironically I will be living in London for a week selling Vintage Inspiration wares made in Devon, so for me it's City Living!

I do enjoy the contrast though, I will be driving up to London tonight to set up Tuesday, ready to begin on Wednesday morning, you wouldn't believe how much work goes into this, I have spent the whole week-end finishing, gathering, packing, painting and preparing and I still think there are things I have forgotten, there always is, there are always things I think I should have made/done and always more to do but at a certain point I just have to surrender, let go and trust that all will be well.

There is a certain excitement in anticipation of being able to wear my favourite dresses and jewellery, and not get mud on my shoes for a week, this may sound strange but its true, I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time with muddy footwear whatever I'm wearing on my feet. My hands are also a give away if I have not got all the grit out from beneath my fingernails, it doesn't look good selling jewellery with dirty fingernails. So I'll scrub up and be clean for a week, my version of the glam gardener, wonderful.

Louise x

P.S the sweet peas are doing well they have their first sets of leaves.

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  1. Hi Louise - I never received the tickets. Ah well, I'll stop by the booth to say hello when I do go later this week. Cheers